Montajes Industriales FOINCE, S.L.U. is a company with more than 20 years of accumulated experience in the automation of industrial processes of all kinds. Our extensive experience in the industrial assembly and maintenance sector is translated into quality and customer service. This results in total satisfaction and consequent prestige for FOINCE. In addition, the manufacturing and assembly workshop was established, with the mission of providing support to those customers in the food, chemical and recycling industries who requested the assembly of workshop facilities as well as the manufacture of machinery, with or without prior design to manufacture or directly to carry out its engineering from a series of specifications given the need. Currently, FOINCE has also had a Technical Team since some years, which is at the service of the assembly and manufacturing workshop to carry out the different works of a technical nature and coordinate their planning. At FOINCE we remain very concerned about customer satisfaction when it comes to meeting the expectations that were agreed upon after the acceptance of our technical and economic proposal, and for this we work every day.


Companies that have trusted us and have helped us in our daily improvement.



C/ José Guillén Martínez SN - Pol. Ind. El Saladar 30564 Lorquí (Murcia)